Monica Javanainen - 21.10.2020

Adobe MAX 2020 highlights

Photo: Adobe

One of the annual event highlights for creative people is Adobe MAX. I’ve attended it in Los Angeles twice and followed the stream a couple of times. This year, of course, the world shifted, and the legendary event could only be attended online. How did Adobe do in the endless stream of online events? Let’s see. 

Creativity for all

Adobe MAX succeeded in premarketing and the Key-note was well-attended with millions of people from all over the world.The striking graphic identity for the 2020 event visualizes the creative tools of Adobe and emphatically expresses “Creativity for all.” 

Adobe asked creatives from all around the world to create the MAX logo in their own style. From 6 different entries MAX created an inspirational animated logo with transitions between them.

Photo: Behance

The event progressed in an order familiar from previous years with CEO Shantanu Narayen taking the lead, followed by Scott Belsky and a special host who was Conan O’Brien this year. Looking at the big screen was almost as if I was in the audience, sans the applause and the cheers. Very nice, in other words!

MAX has alway been an experience and the keynote reveals each year’s new releases. In my opinion, the most exciting ones this year were: 

  1. Recolor Artwork for Illustrator. Change entire color themes with just one click. 
  2. Adobe Illustrator for iPad
  3. The painting and drawing app Fresco for iPhone
  4. Sky replacement in Photoshop, wow!
  5. Neural Filters in Photoshop. An AI-powered image manipulation that allows you to change someone’s age, skin, expression, makeup, etc.
  6. 3D transitions for XD (my favorite tool) that allow you to flip and rotate objects to bring depth and perspective to designs
  7. Advanced Color Grading across the Lightroom ecosystem
  8. Converting speech to text in Premiere Pro
  9. Faster Roto Brush 2 tool + new 3D Design Space in After Effects 
  10. The public beta for Aero that enables anyone to create immersive and interactive AR experiences. Interesting!

Many excellent new features I need to try out. 

See the entire Adobe MAX 2020 keynote here

Want to see more or attend any of the labs? For the first time ever, Adobe MAX 2020 is completely free to attend this year, which is what brings it above most other industry events. 

Well done, Adobe.

Monica Javanainen