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JCO Digital is a full-service creative and digital agency that focuses in making our clients thrive and succeed. We offer complete marketing and communications services which means that we take good care of our projects from the first stages of strategy and planning to realization and follow-up.

JCO was founded in 2008. We are now a team of 15 eager and skilled professionals. We burn for problem solving and our key values are creativity, joyfulness, caring, and responsibility. We’ve heard people say that they really enjoy working with us.

Our offices are situated by the sea in Tammisaari. Most of our clients operate in the capital area, but we also work for clients here in Raasepori, elsewhere in Finland, and in Sweden, the US, and Germany. For us, the sea and the nature in Tammisaari are the best inspirations. Do visit us!

The secret of our success is not a secret

JCO is guided by good vibes, having fun, and the eagerness to create new solutions. When we take care of each other, we can be sure that our work succeeds and that our clients become the heroes they deserve to be. These are the things we commit to:

We create happy jobs

Happy employees are at the center of everything we do. We want to be the best possible workplace for each of them. Our operations are guided by trust, caring, kinship, a positive JCO lifestyle, and working together. We want to support each other so that everyone can grow and better themselves. Work can be fun, our weekly workout passes develop team spirit, and lunch is a shared moment.

We are responsible

Nature, sea, archipelago, and forests – that is where we get our strength and joy from. Sea means creativity and freedom to us. Just looking at it calms us down and promotes mental well-being. It is clear, therefore, that we want to protect the sea in both the work we do and in our choices.

We want to explore and constantly create new

We want to keep developing further and constantly follow the newest trends, test new technologies, and challenge ourselves. We dare to be bold and encourage our clients towards new and creative solutions.

We are a committed and passionate team with working processes

We are more a tribe than a work community. What we do we do together, often with the client involved. In every project, the whole team is briefed from the very beginning so that everyone knows what they are doing and why, and commits to the common goal. To us, it is a matter of honor to keep the project on track, something our project leaders excel in.




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J+CO = JCO Digital – This is our story

Juha Javanainen founded Javanainen consulting in 2008 when he moved to Tammisaari with his wife, Monica. A couple of years later, Monica began working for the firm as a co-owner, designer and digital consultant. The move to Tammisaari was inspired by a dream to work in a creative environment close to nature but close to Helsinki where most of the clients were.

Juha had a long background in the IT branch as both a programmer and a trainer, Monica in events, publishing, and advertising, which prompted an idea of an own agency. Now Monica is the chairman of the local business association and a well-known lecturer, with topics ranging from entrepreneurship and digital strategies to positive thinking and intuition.

Juha Javanainen Monica Javanainen

The original company name, Javanainen & Company, has evolved over the years into JCO Digital. Employee headcount has grown to 15 and operations have branched out to exciting international projects involving Adobe and Oculus, for example. A number of JCO Digital’s employees have also become co-owners.

Our work

A record breaking Christmas campaign

A record breaking Christmas campaign

Ruokangas Guitar Creator

Ruokangas Guitar Creator

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