Mats Holmberg provides JCO with strong 3D expertise

Mats Holmberg started in February as a 3D artist, animator and partner at JCO Digital.

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How’s your business’s digital footprint doing?

Do you have control over your online brand identity? Does it resonate at the same wavelength as your business strategy? How deep is your current digital customer experience? Would you be an online customer of your business?

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Adobe MAX 2020

Adobe MAX 2020 highlights

One of the annual event highlights for creative people is Adobe MAX. I’ve attended it in Los Angeles twice and followed the stream a couple of times. This year, of course, the world shifted, and the legendary event could only be attended online. How did Adobe do in the endless stream of online events? Let’s see.

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VR, nainen, virtuaalitodellisuus

From virtual to reality

Your company has to have a website and it has to show up in a simple Google search. You also have to invest time on social media marketing, and your products naturally have to be available online 24/7. So, it’s time to take that jump into the digital, but if

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7 reasons to create high-quality web content

High-quality content is essential for a website. Here are seven things that are important to remember when designing and updating website content.

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virtual reality

How is virtual reality doing?

Virtual Reality became a hot topic roughly three years ago when the first new-generation consumer products hit the market.

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404 page

404 – the page that offers opportunities for design and information

A significant portion of a site’s traffic will certainly reach at some point the 404 page, for a variety of reasons. This is why it is important to always take time to design a custom 404 page.

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Gutenberg hero

Gutenberg, the new WordPress content editor

Gutenberg thoroughly changes the way content is produced, imported and edited. For publishers, this is an important step forward.

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WordPress have announced that from version 5.0 on, the default editor will be the Gutenberg block editor, with the old editor as a plugin. This has been a quite controversial decision, the development version is available as a plugin, and that plugin has a lot of 5 star and 1 star ratings.

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JCO team summer 2017

JCO Digital Summer Greetings (video)!

We’ll be around all summer, so if you plan on paying a visit to pretty Ekenäs, do drop us a line and we’ll take you for a refreshing drink or a cone of ice cream.

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checklist before launch

Website launch checklist: 14 things to do

Designing and building a website is a complex process full of moving parts. Before launch, or at the latest before promoting a site, there are many things to check. Lots and lots of little things.

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Facts you should know about Android

Android is at the moment the most used smartphone operating system worldwide. It’s based on the Linux kernel and running apps on a variant of Java. It is used by most smartphone manufacturers with the exception of Apple and Microsoft. Android devices outsell devices running Windows, Mac OS X and iOS combined.

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JCO Digital house­warming

Our headquarters moved a few blocks closer to the sea, so of course we wanted to keep a housewarming party and dance our new office to the future! We had some awesome program that really made us shake: Kebu opened his Perplexagon Tour from our office! The dance floor was on fire!

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