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Ruokangas Guitars

Where we started

Juha Ruokangas has always been an innovator. While Ruokangas’ guitars are built with great respect for tradition, Ruokangas Guitars, as a company, uses modern solutions to connect with its customers. Ruokangas Guitars has a distinguished clientele worldwide. Tailor-made Ruokangas guitars are played by artists such as the Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French and Matias Kupiainen from the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius

Our story with Juha goes back a long way. In 2010, we built the award-winning Ruokangas Guitars website (Grand One 2010: the Best Information Design category) and the Guitar Builder tool together with the UX designer Junnu Vuorela. Since then, we have had the pleasure of assisting Ruokangas Guitars in making the art of guitar building available across digital platforms.

What we were tasked to do

The Ruokangas Guitars story is one of a kind. We have great respect and admiration for Juha’s uncompromising philosophy and methods. For example, he personally cuts down the birch that he uses to build a specific guitar. The new version of the Ruokangas Guitars website and the Guitar Builder tool should reflect the Ruokangas mission and the soul of the instruments. Browsing the website and designing your own guitar should be an entertaining and elegant experience, a magical moment of making a dream come true.

What we did

We completely redesigned the website, and the Guitar Builder was updated to 3D and renamed the Guitar Creator. Guitar enthusiasts can now dive into a superior experience filled with compelling stories, videos, imagery and countless sources of inspiration. The 3D Guitar Creator lets you tailor the specs of your guitar from a carefully curated and highly detailed choice of options. The 3D Guitar Creator can be enjoyed on Apple and Windows computers, and on Apple and Android mobile devices, and wearing VR glasses offers the ultimate experience.

Juha Ruokangas

What we created

The Guitar Builder became a phenomenon amongst guitar enthusiasts all over the world. The 3D Guitar Creator brings the experience to an entirely new level. By wearing VR glasses, you can experience what it is like to hold the guitar of your dreams in your arms. The 3D Guitar Creator and the Ruokangas Guitars website together deliver an engaging experience – expect guitar lovers around the world to be spending hours browsing.


Juha Javanainen

CTO & Founder, Developer


Juha Javanainen

CTO & Founder, Developer

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