Happiness breeds better ideas.


Happiness breeds better ideas

We are a creative agency. We take our job seriously and do it as well as we possibly can, but we also believe in fun. At JCO Digital, professionalism and playfulness go hand-in-hand to create services, stories, images, and ads that make an impact.

We are known and respected as a digital agency, but we serve our clients in all other fields of marketing as well. We produce stunning in-store advertising, magazine and newspaper ads, brochures and catalogs, but also social media and web marketing solutions. Together with our partners, we can create campaigns that include video advertising and events.

At JCO Digital, storytelling, advertising, and business development merge into one. We offer professional insight into the latest marketing trends and provide you with tools that help you market your services, also with a smaller budget.

We will help you create a clear, beautiful, and professional digital presence to tell your story and support your offering.

Content design

We believe in the power of good text. It is not enough to tell people to buy something, they also need to be impressed. Insightful headings, clear body texts, and unexpected prompts can sharpen sales or delight the customer.

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Graphic design

Good graphic design always makes an impact, whether it is for a website or an illustration, advertising layout or visual identity. At the same time, it communicates values and attitude: fun and approachable, dignified and trust-inspiring, or maybe modern and unexpected.

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The eye follows movement, whether its source is streaming water, a flickering flame, or a tree bending in wind. In the same way, web services become alive with motion. It may be a video at the background of a webpage, or an animation illustrating services. Micro animations can be used to create movement in logos or to animate characters in websites or presentations.

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New technology and innovations are here and we follow them eagerly. XR, or extended reality, is a good term to describe the augmented reality that can be used to create virtual environments and wondrous interaction between humans and the digital world. There are many letter combinations: AR, VR, MR, and 3D. The umbrella which covers all three - augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality - is now known as XR, extended reality.

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"We chose JCO Digital as our partner in renewing our visual identity and website because their designs are innovative, and they know the other businesses in the area well. We hoped that our new identity would be modern but recognizable, and JCO Digital understood us perfectly. We are very happy with the results."

Anna Sannholm, T-B Ekholm

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Kopiraittila edutainment game

Kopiraittila edutainment game

Hanko Data Parks

Hanko Data Parks

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