Awaken your digital services with moving images. 

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The eye follows movement, whether its source is streaming water, a flickering flame, or a tree bending in wind. In the same way, web services become alive with motion. It may be a video at the background of a webpage, an animation illustrating services, or a selection of micro animations that arouse interest or guide the user onwards. Micro animations can be used to create movement in logos or to animate characters in websites or presentations.

We produce high-quality videos to use, for example, in advertising, event promotion, or company presentations. We take care of everything from ideas and manuscripts to voice and post-production.

Contact us, and we’ll tell you more about what you can do with videos and animations.

Hero videos to websites

A hero image is the uppermost image on a webpage. It is what the site visitor first notices. A well-selected image tells more than a thousand words, but an impressive video can convey even more. A video can tell about services, products, and value propositions. We also have a long experience of aerial videography. We produce videos on your website cost-effectively and quickly.

Facebook video catches attention

Video content attracts more attention in social media than photos. A company Facebook profile may also be presented in the form of a video. A Facebook video may be an edited version of the website hero video.

Versatile use of presentational videos

We can produce presentational videos cost-effectively to be used on websites, in different kinds of events, and on Youtube. Even short informational videos can create interest in digital channels and are an easy way to tell your story to your target group. Contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you more about videos.

Video advertising impresses

We produce high-quality advertising videos with equally high impact to e.g. television and Youtube on a turnkey basis. We’ll provide the creative idea, manuscript, text content, video shoot, as well as voice and post-production.

Animations and 3D enliven websites

Animations help breathe life into web services or videos. They may take the form of a video at the background of a webpage, an animated illustration of services, or a selection of micro animations that arouse interest or guide the user onwards.

Best possible production partners

In video production and animation we rely on our trusted partners Artflow, Hellefilms Oy and Multifoto.

Our work

Kopiraittila edutainment game

Kopiraittila edutainment game

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