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New technology and innovations are here and we follow them eagerly. XR, or extended reality, is a good term to describe the augmented reality that can be used to create virtual environments and wondrous interaction between humans and the digital world. There are many letter combinations: AR, VR, MR, and 3D. The umbrella which covers all three – augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality – is now known as XR, extended reality.

We have experience in VR and AR that are closely connected to 3D. We participate in the Oculus Start program. AR or VR realizations are usually a part of a larger project: a web service, or a marketing campaign, for example, where an experience-driven approach brings clear added value and can directly promote sales.

Even though we are very excited about these projects, nothing is ever done just because it is possible or for the thrill of it. There is always a reason and a purpose behind each realization: how the problem is solved and what is the effect we aim for.

Challenge us with your problem, we are happy to solve it.

VR – Virtual reality enters spaces

VR is a good solution when we want to enter virtual spaces. If, for example, many people need to enter a specific space at the same time and there is not enough room for it, a virtual replication of the space is a good solution. It works also well if we want to introduce a product in a specific or customized environment. The Ruokangas Guitars’ Guitar Creator that was launched at the Los Angeles NAMM fair is a good example of the possibilities VR offers.

AR – Augmented reality lets you see more

Enhancing the real environment with virtual objects or elements is an effective way to help users grasp ideas. A limitless amount of images, videos, voice, or graphics can be added on the screen. AR is often used in games but the possibilities in business and sales are equally endless.

3D – when a photograph is not enough

When taking a photograph is not possible a 3-dimensional model is a worthy option. We produce a high-quality 3D rendering that can be used in advertising, videos, and games, but also in augmented reality applications. A product can be displayed in 3D images to look its best, or to show something that not yet exists.

Our work

Ruokangas Guitar Creator

Ruokangas Guitar Creator

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