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To effectively communicate its details a marketing campaign often needs a campaign site for support. A campaign site is also a useful tool in activating customers, collecting contacts, and for arranging a competition, for example.

We have years of experience in online campaign planning and implementation. We also produce supporting banners, queries, games, and videos.

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What are campaign sites useful for?

Product or service sales

Campaign sites allow you to elaborate on your product or service, and their tone-of-voice can differ from your main site. It is important that they are in coherence with the marketing campaign they support. Good campaign pages are an integral part of effective marketing.

Collecting contacts

A campaign site is a quick way to collect new contacts for newsletters or sales campaigns, for example. You can also arrange a competition, make a survey, or launch a conversation on an interesting topic.

Brochure download or application installation

A campaign site can be used to offer customers additional information or services. A brochure download or an application installation can be distributed through it, either with or without logging in.

Raising awareness

Online marketing is cost-efficient and easy to target. A well-planned campaign site and the web advertising that directs users to it are an effective way to raise interest and awareness in both old and new customers.

Instantly ready

Campaign pages are a quick way to boost marketing and sales in an ongoing campaign. At best, the pages will be up and running in a few days.

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At best, the pages will be up and running in a few days. For many companies it adds an extra boost to their digital marketing.

Monica Javanainen, CEO, JCO Digital

A good campaign site invites to participate.

We have a lot of experience in designing and producing campaign sites. The best results are achieved when we are involved right from the start. Tell us what you want to market or sell, and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

An effective campaign site can take many forms. We have developed mobile games, queries, speed tests, and other tailored solutions and noticed that a playful person is a happy person, and thus instantly more susceptible to the product being marketed. We also know that all age groups of both sexes play online!

Videos and, for example, AR (augmented reality) implementations work well on a campaign site. Through us, you get photos, videos, aerial photography, voice-overs, and eye-catching end products.

Once the campaign page is complete, it’s important that people find it. To that end, we also create online ads that support the campaign, which can be rich media and feed banners or Facebook or Instagram ads.

Often, a campaign site is part of a larger marketing campaign, but it can also be its center and core idea. We’ll be happy to help you design your site and implement site-directed ads, whether they are banners, newspaper ads, or television commercials.

Sometimes a marketing campaign is designed at the client’s advertising agency and we carry out its technical implementation. We also provide campaign domain registrations and server space.


The ABC of a correctly executed campaign site

1. Selecting the target group

To whom is the message targeted? What do we want the visitor to do?

2. Setting goals

How high in sales, engagement, or contacts do you aim for?

3. Boldness in execution

Dare to be creative: Tell us about your idea and we will work on it together, or let us come up with an idea and surprise you!

4. Practical things carefully managed

Appropriate domain, informative and search engine optimized content, and captivating imagery.

Our work

A record breaking Christmas campaign

A record breaking Christmas campaign



Kopiraittila edutainment game

Kopiraittila edutainment game

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