Workshop or training changes the direction of your digital services.

We offer consultancy and training on WordPress sites, web services, and social media content strategies. Our workshop packages help businesses develop and improve their digital services and to find them a new direction and purpose.

What you get

WordPress experts to help you

Does your company have a WordPress site and a need for help and new ideas? We can help with troubleshooting and security audits. We can also train your people in updating content and maintaining the site. We help if the site is too slow, if you need help installing plugins, when you want to add a WooCommerce webshop, or need more languages on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

We are happy to help you get your SEO working better for you. We will train your content producers to create content that ranks better in google search results. We can also analyze the site and find ways to improve its optimization or offer all of the above as a turnkey package.

Clarifying web strategy

Invite us to hold a workshop in which we together analyze and plan your web strategy, and identify your target audience, core messages, and channels in use. You’ll learn how to choose marketing channels, how to produce content for them, and how to reach your target audience. When your web strategy has been defined it will guide all your planning. Website strategy and your general long-term marketing strategy, as well as your short-term sales goals, should all be in sync.

Social Media consulting

Social media consulting is useful when you need outside insight to support your organization. It is easier for an outside expert to find development issues and to form an impartial overall view on the organization, including contradicting trends and ambitions. When you invite us to help you our role is twofold: on the one hand, we bring in our expertise, insight, and experience, on the other, we help and advise in solving on-going challenges and projects.

Improved sales

Does your site not generate enough sales? Should you analyze if your site content is customer-centric enough? In a workshop, we create a Customer Journey Map and a content strategy for a website. We can develop the content and structure of an existing site to be more sales-oriented, or create an entirely new plan for a site renewal.

Sparring opens the eyes

Invite us for a visit or come see us in Western Uusimaa where nature and sea are close and inspiring. We are happy to help if your web strategy seems to be stuck or if you need an outside expert opinion. We have a long and versatile experience in web concept design, digital marketing, and strategic planning.

A new website in two days

Code Cabin is a two-day sprint for creating a simple website from start to finish. The site layout is designed before the sprint. During the sprint, the site is programmed, content is created in a content workshop and the entire site is tested and published. Two developers, a copywriter, an AD, and a Project Manager participate from JCO. For the client, we recommend a team consisting of a project manager, content producer, and a marketing manager.

Talk to us about communication, marketing and digital services. It may be the best thing you ever do for your business.

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