Do you want a good-looking and well-working website that is easy to maintain?

We love a chance to create a new website, regardless of its size or purpose. We design and carry out websites that look good, work well, and are easy to maintain.

We use WordPress as our platform and are experts in it.

We take care of all project stages from concept planning to technical realization and always stick to the planned timetable. With us, your website is in good hands.

You get more than a website

Good looks entice

Even if a website is technically functional and guides customer behavior, the first impression has a great impact.

Search engine optimization brings visitors

We design and develop websites that are easy to find and index by search engines, which attracts more customers.

GDPR requirements provide security

We take care of the data protection on your site. Law requires that the site states what personal information it collects.

Fast and professional service

We are fast and start working immediately. We do our work well, whether it is a question of code, visual design, or content.

We train and guide you

When a website is completed we train you to use it so that it can change with your operations and stay functional.

Help with hosting

Which server should I put my web pages on? How are domains redirected? We offer an affordable and functional hosting solution.

Contact person

You will have a designated contact person, who will be responsible for project management, and who will be able to communicate easily either in Finnish, Swedish or English. We will respond to requests within 24 hours and work will begin within 72 hours.

“The service was launched and I felt proud and assured that everything was done carefully. Since launch, cooperation has continued in the maintenance and further development of the service. JCO has flexibly modified its communication and mode of operation to accommodate service development also at this stage. Resources have been added whenever needed.”

Jani Uljas, Puhti Lab Oy

No strategy, no results

To create business and generate results through websites, we focus on the right things from the start. The strategy planning phase defines the purpose, the objectives, and the target group of the site. We know how to best reach your target group.

Once we have defined a website strategy with you, it guides everything down the line. Whether the task at hand is creating an entirely new web service or updating an existing one, we will consider these issues:

– What is the purpose of the website?
– What are the target groups and what things motivate them?
– What do we want users to do?
– How are site visitors activated to take contact?
– What content is most relevant to your target audience?
– How does the website communicate its content?
– What in the existing content is worth keeping and what is unnecessary?

Consulting us about communications, marketing and digitalization may be the best thing you ever do for your business.

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