From virtual to reality

Your company has to have a website and it has to show up in a simple Google search. You also have to invest time on social media marketing, and your products naturally have to be available online 24/7. So, it’s time to take that jump into the digital, but if I only knew where to begin…

Does this sound familiar?

What if I told you – that none of the above will make you stand out any longer because all these things have become self-evident for the modern consumer. If you’re in doubt, just take a look at how your millennial children operate; look at their relation to the digital environment. How is the world portrayed on an iPad or through a pair of VR-glasses to them? Then think about what place your business has in that world.

Did you find that exhausting? Take a deep breath. Let’s forget about the threats and focus on the possibilities of this modern world instead. Start by placing yourself in your client’s shoes. Picture yourself at your client’s home, and think of the best possible digital customer experience you could possibly offer. Set a bold goal and start taking baby steps towards that goal today.

Our client, Ruokangas Guitars, has for years been paving their way towards such a digital customer experience. They never followed trends or looked at how others did things; instead they focused on solving their challenges by seeking new opportunities. Their product has always been top class but the challenge was to sell it to the other side of the pond, before it came into existence. 

In this particular case, having a mere website was not enough – which is why we had to dig deeper in order to find new solutions. In the end we produced an app which made it possible for users to configure the product, and make it look as realistic as possible before they place an order. In the end, the solution brought surprising benefits for the production process itself, as the craftsmen got a chance to view the end result before the guitars were made.

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