For a living Baltic Sea with a swing

The purpose of BSAG (the Baltic Sea Action Group) is to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea, important to all of us. Last Christmas BSAG realised a campaign that collected funds for the saving of the Baltic Sea.

The experience was so good that it was decided to continue the campaign with a new campaign site. The theme this year was “Donate a Swinging Christmas to the Baltic Sea”. The concept and visuals were designed by advertising agency Taivas, and technical implementation was done by JCOs team.

By joining the maritime orchestra you can donate a healthier Christmas for the Baltic Sea. The composition of the band consists of top artists such as Katri HeleäMichael Monni and Remu Rummuttaja.

By donating you provide peace of mind to both customers and the Baltic Sea!

Carry your bit and donate here!