Case Gold&Green

With Gold&Green plant protein food company, we’ve gone a long way. We were there building their very first website, and have stayed by their side ever since: witnessing their progress, taking care of the site and the web analytics, watching in awe and delight how the company has grown and prospered. When Paulig bought 50% of Gold&Green, we were happy to face the new challenge of going global.


First we take Sweden

Based on the analytics of the previous site, we first built a wireframe for the new site. Or rather, a family of websites: the global brand site in English, a new site in Swedish for the Swedish market, a revamp of the site in Finnish for the Finnish market, and a multilingual home for the delicious recipes, complete with videos, images, bells and whistles. Easy scalability was of utmost importance as more sites will be launched on a frequent basis.




What we did

Before the actual development and production, JCO Digital saw to the user interface and interactive prototypes, in close cooperation with the advertising agency. The agency also entirely rebranded the visual identity, and provided all site layouts. JCO then created a storyboard, complete with a couple of sample pages. The websites were accompanied with a series of  YouTube videos aimed for global audiences and linked to the recipe site, which we also produced. The team also involved a number of other agencies specialising in search engine marketing, Facebook advertising and PR.



The challenge

It all happened very fast: the schedule was tight and the scope of the project extensive. In our team, everyone knew what they were doing. As the in-house people of Gold&Green were simultaneously involved not only in the visual identity and website project, but also in launching a line of new products with entirely new packaging, seeking their approval for every single detail was not an option. Mutual trust and professionalism carried us through. When it came to communicating with the Swedish team, we also had the advantage of being able to communicate in Swedish, the mother tongue of most of our team.



The next steps

Rest assured, we’re not done yet. The recipe website is under constant development, and new country sites will be added to the family. We keep an active eye on analytics, collecting intelligence on what people search and what kind of content they are interested in. 



Moved our team to the Code Cabin cottage for a few days!


What we love

Being part of such an extensive project was a real thrill. It was not only that we were able to show what we could do: we were also proud to be involved in making the world a little better, saving the planet one meal a time. We are extremely happy for the success of our client and take pride in being their trusted partner.