Case Hanko Data Parks

Where we started

Hanko Data Parks is an ambitious project, aiming to launch the Hanko-Raasepori region as a ICT network gateway between Europe and Asia by providing excellent areas for data center establishment. Targeting the biggest online companies in the world, you need to have a website that competes in that same top league.

On a more operative level, the client wanted a fresher looking website with easier access to the information. Our main focus was to plan the structure and the content of the website in a way that highlights the product.

What we were tasked to do

The infographics were one of our main challenges. The client needed a map able to display a broad range of information, such as submarine optic cables, strategic cities, populations, power sources, power grids and a variety of services surrounding the future data parks. Our solution was to apply different layers to the map, so that potential clients can choose to see the information that is crucial to their respective needs.

Furthermore, there was a strong need for better branding overall. In practice, it meant that we came up with some brand guidelines for use of colours and font styles. We also refashioned the logotype and introduced brand-new, originally designed icons for the website, bearing in mind that they also needed to be suitable for smaller screens.



What we delivered

In addition to the digital work involving graphics and user-friendliness, we designed flyers, business cards and roll ups for use on trade fairs.

For us, this was a very interesting case. It feels special to be part of a project that can evolve into something really big for a small region. We could have Amazon or Facebook running serverparks in Raasepori and Hanko. Think about that for a while!



We wanted a professional partner with a strong track record. JCO Digital had a fresh approach to our graphical issues and the marketing materials we needed. Hanko Data Parks is a cooperation between the municipalities of Hanko and Raasepori, so we were happy to use local expertise.

The people at JCO are very professional and know what they’re doing. They’ve delivered everything we’ve agreed on, and they’ve done it on time. They’ve also been very flexible in terms of helping out with different smaller issues afterwards.

Agneta Evers
Hanko Data Parks



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