Case Lukuklaani

One thing led to another

Kopiosto, the organization looking out for the copyrights of performing artists, authors and publishers in Finland, is an old friend of ours. We worked together on the Kopiraittila edutainment game back in 2016. That’s why we were super happy when Kopiosto reached out to us again, almost two years later for the Lukuklaani project. Lukuklaani is a venture aimed to promote reading in elementary schools throughout Finland. The 2 million euro project is funded by the Finnish copyright organization Kopiosto and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


The task

Our assignment was to design and build the Lukuklaani website. For the art work we involved Tarja Petrell who also worked with us on the Kopiraittila project. She’s a wizard when it comes to creating that warm storybook feeling illustration-wise. She delivered once again. The in-house parts of the art work were made by our own guy Simon Bussman.

The first phase of the task was to build the basic website. After this we designed a Lukuklaani flyer that was sent to schools around the country in order to raise awareness about the project.

The second stage of building the website was to create a fillable form for the site. This is where schools could apply for money to turn their school libraries to cozy reading sanctuaries. Lukuklaani received over 400 applications which shows that the project was both important and a big success.

After the funding was handed to the chosen schools by the Lukuklaani organization, our next step was to add a few smaller elements to the site where schools could order a collection of 50 books to their libraries. These packages have been very popular among the teachers and their book loving students. More features were and will be added along the way.




Words from the ones involved

“It’s been really fun working with Kopiosto, most of all because they’ve always been open to our new ideas. I feel we have a very good relationship. And it’s nice to be part of a project with such a good purpose.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was to optimize the site for tablet and mobile use, even the application and ordering forms can be used on mobile devices. But we were up for the challenge. Our trademark is quality.”

Project Manager, Hilkka Kandelin, JCO Digital

“From a technical point of view, the website has evolved a lot since the start. We started out with a very basic website with a user-friendly interface. Based on that we developed the website towards a larger whole, consisting of several movable elements. The biggest challenge was to maintain the user-friendliness of the page, regardless of the complex technology behind it. We’re very happy with the result and the response has been positive.”

Björn Zweigberg, Technical Account Manager, JCO Digital



“We ended up ordering the website from JCO, who previously successfully executed the Kopiraittila learning environment. Both the image of Lukuklaani and the website itself, have received a lot of praise for being stylish but yet user oriented.

As a customer you can really feel that the people at JCO are enthusiastic about their work, and that they take it seriously. Their project management is very professional. They also get some extra points for friendly communication skills and fast response to the client’s needs.”

Project Coordinator, Mikael Mäkitalo, Lukuklaani



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