Case Nordcenter Golf&Country Club

Where we started

Nordcenter Golf & Country Club has all the qualifications of a great golf resort, with its beautiful grounds and world class full range golf courses. All they needed was a channel to reach their audience faster and easier. A fresh and functional digital appearance to represent their business as a whole. The need for event-based marketing materials was acknowledged, and particular designs added to the case.



What we did

We met the client in April. The project had a tight schedule, just a few weeks, with the golf season being just around the corner.

That wasn’t really an issue though, the client was really clear about their needs. They trusted us and gave us plenty of breathing space during the process.


What we delivered

The challenge with Nordcenter was to design a look that is both including and welcoming without compromising the high quality feel of the resort. For example, we didn’t want to change the spot on classical look of the brand, but we did modernize it slightly.

As a golf loving company based in Ekenäs (Tammisaari), we felt as one of their target client groups. It was fun trying to make a difference for such a fantastic place really close to home.



We turned to JCO Digital because we knew them from before. They visited us and got to know our company and our needs.

Our vision is all about accessibility and a wide range of activities. We want to reach out, not just as a high end golf club, but as an easy going resort for every active person in the area. We needed to get that message across.

The people at JCO pitched their ideas to us and we were convinced. They really read us like an open book. There was an ongoing interaction throughout the process, but it was important that we could focus on our job while they delivered what we asked for. And that certainly was the case. With the help of JCO our records show growth in both sales and in the number of golf rounds.

Mats Grönblom
Head of Sales & Marketing,
Nordcenter Golf & Country Club

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