Case Super Parent’s Guide

Where we started

Our good friends at Otavamedia had this idea about a new type of food website – a smart one that understands what kind of recipes you’re looking for. Let’s face it, the Internet is full of cooking websites and endless amounts of recipes. But how do you find the ones that best suit your needs?

We started out by throwing around different ideas. A couple of workshops later we decided on narrowing down the concept all together. We chose to focus on a specific group of people. We chose parents of young children.


What we did

With a target group in mind, we downloaded dozens of different food apps just to get to know what’s out there. We wanted to determine what style we needed to go for in order for our website to stand out.

One of our first insights were that there wasn’t going to be an app. We didn’t want to enter that jungle. We wanted an easy to use web version that you don’t have to install. However, our game plan was ’mobile first’, since most parents use their phones to read recipes when cooking. We also made desktop versions but we focused on getting that mobile and ’appy’ feeling.


The user interface had to be easy. We designed different wire flows and created a demo version so that we could click our way through the website to get a feel for it. We had a beta version tested at Otavamedia and made a few changes after that.

The most important features of the website are the easy-to-find recipes and the savable favorites. But one of the coolest features is the shopping list generator that gets its information directly from the recipes you choose and even moderates the shopping list according to the amount of portions you’re going for! The list can handle up to seven different recipes at once and lets you add and remove items that you need or don’t need. You can also share the list with your friends and family members or even split the list in half if you want to be really efficient at the grocery store. From our point of view, our developer Niklas Schönberg created a technical masterpiece.



By scrutinizing our own kitchen habits we also noticed, that among the twenty or so cooking books that you have at home, there’s probably one or two that you always rely on. It might be a food oriented scrap book or your mom’s precious old recipe collections. We wanted to bring those worn out recipe treasures to the digital era. So it was sort of ‘back to basics’ with a digital twist.

Needless to say, we wanted to go retro. We found inspiration in old collections of recipes and in grandma’s old household magazines.

So, the conclusion was, that if we focus on people in the busy parenting years and combine that with nostalgia we’ll have something totally different. To honour the occupied but thoughtful parents we came up with the concept of ‘The Super Parent’s Guide to Cooking’ (Supervanhemman Keittokirja). Thankfully our client didn’t think our ideas were over the top. Instead, the people at Otavamedia were super enthusiastic about our thoughts.


What we delivered

The content is carefully picked out for the chosen audience. At the end of the day, it’s the good old pasta dishes, the lasagna and the baked salmon that will do the trick. And if the recipe is good you don’t need more than one of them, right?
So we created a website with a premium selection of simple but delicious recipes for the families who, though they’re busy, cherish a good meal and a good time with their loved ones. This is what Supervanhemman Keittokirja is all about.

Our thoughts
We’re familiar with Otavamedia’s products so they’re easy to work with. We had a good collaboration from the start. They let us be creative and they really let us help them solve their problem. They trusted our creativity and vision and gave us the freedom to do our thing. That worked out great.

Monica Javanainen, Creative Director, JCO Digital



The idea of SVK actually came from a dad’s personal struggles in the kitchen. At the same time a colleague of his was thinking about the advertisers’ need for a better dialogue with the consumers. From both a user experience and a commercial point of view, we noticed that culinary content needed an innovative solution that would inspire not just parents, but families.

Although we approached JCO with a very basic model in early 2017, they were on the same page straight away and challenged us in the name of the end user, starting from the first meeting. The project grew bigger than we expected, which is common in digital development, but with JCO we learned something new every day, even about our own products. Still we felt that we were behind the steering wheel at all times. Working with JCO was honest, inspiring and professionally rewarding. The end result was a better version of our original vision.


Elli Mäkilä, Business Manager & Thomas Reenpää, Commercial Producer, Otavamedia Oy