Kopiraittila edutainment game

Where we started

Kopiosto, the Finnish copyright organisation, needed a fresh start with their edutainment materials aimed for children and young people. The client wanted something new and genuinely creative, as is fit for a society promoting creative work. Today’s schools face a lot of challenges related to immaterial rights, and as Finnish education system is internationally acclaimed and increasingly digitalised, the new materials had to be up to the the standard.

What we were up against

The skills and knowledge of children and young people vary widely, and the flow of new tools and applications is endless. It was important that the new materials be flexible and the content could be kept up to date without a glitch. In addition, all materials were to be published in both the official languages of Finland, Finnish and Swedish.

Kopiraittila_oppilas (1)

 Illustration: Tarja Petrell

What we did

We decided to make the online environment look like a spacious school hallway, horizontally scrollable and with a lot of doors leading to classrooms. The lively, detailed look and feel is crafted to please the intended audience. The visuals were created by Tarja Petrell, an illustrator with extensive experience in textbooks and other teaching materials. There are a lot of exercises such as quizzes, memory games and spinning wheels. All content is easily managed via a contemporary CMS.

Kopiraittilan koulu

We also provided matching marketing materials, complete with a video, brochures, posters and roll-up banner stands to take the message through to teachers, students and the general public.

What we have created

The outcome is a tablet-first, device-independent edutainment game. There is no need to download an app, as everything works directly on the browser. The game was launched in conjunction with the start of the autumn school term in August 2016, and is freely available online.



What the client says

“You deal with copyright issues everywhere in today’s world: young people use the Internet and social media, create videos, and take photos wherever they go. It is important that they learn to respect the copyrights of other people right from the start, and are also aware of their own copyrights.

Games and digitalisation come naturally to children and young people, this is how they learn things today. We wanted to make copyright issues and the entire learning process fun and inspiring for them.

Collaboration with JCO Digital has been extremely smooth. It has been a great pleasure to work with a group of truly creative, enthusiastic professionals.”

– Kirsi Salmela, Licensing Manager, Kopiosto ry


More about this case (in Finnish) on the page we did for Grand One 2017 (and we got shortlisted!): kopiraittila.jco.fi