Stam1na: Elokuutio goes AR

Our goal was to give something exclusive to the record owners.
We created an application, which allows the buyer of the CD to access bonus material.

The application utilises Augmented Reality which allows the symbols on the CD cover to come to life when viewed through a cellphone or tablet camera.

The problem we faced was how could an app know that the user had bought the record? Basically, we needed only the image recognition software to recognise the cover art images, and this is what AR is really good at. It turned out we got some wow-effects as a bonus in the process.

Watch the video below: Antti Hyyrynen (Stam1na), Juha (JCO) and Tuomo Saikkonen (Sakara Records) demonstrating the Elokuutio app (in Finnish). 

Read also Juha’s blog post about the project.