Juha Javanainen


Presenting: Juha

This series of blogs presents you the members of JCO’s cool team. Now you can read Juha’s story!

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at JCO?

I am the founder of JCO and currently its CEO. I also do project work nearly full-time, often both design and programming stuff.

What did you do before JCO?

Before setting out on my own, I worked in a couple of digi agencies for twelve years, most recently at Valve.

What has been your coolest project at JCO?

We have been working with Ruokangas for many years now, and this has been professionally very fulfilling to me. I also have many good memories from my Valve times, about projects with proper street-cred, in particular.

What do you do when not working?

I dedicate most of my limited time off work to golf, fishing, and rock music, depending on the season.

What drives you mad?

Could-this-be-done-for-yesterday-please and generally any kind of unnecessary rushing around.

Three favourite online services or apps you like to use?

Spotify, Twitter, Slack.

Best about Raasepori?

The style of life in the archipelago.

Which software are you running on your computer right now?

Photoshop, Blender, Sublime Text, Chrome, Slack, Skype, Spotify, and Mail.


Image: Sami Jämsén

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