Lotta Hardman


Presenting: Lotta


This series of blogs presents you the members of JCO’s cool team. May we present to you: our coder lady Lotta.

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at JCO?

I’m a 40-year old mum of three kids and married to a Brit. I come from Porvoo and was JCO’s first employee. I used to do all sorts of things when I first started at JCO, but these days I write code for the website and newsletters and work with content management.

What did you do before JCO?

I was a researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (called Luke now). I studied the genetic material of a holarctic parasite family by applying mathematical modelling (Phylogeny, phyletic coevolution and phylogeography of anoplocephaline cestodes in mammals). 

What has been your coolest project at JCO?

Designing the interiors of our house and offices according to Feng Shui principles.

What do you do when not working?

I had loads of hobbies before the kids… these days I mostly look after someone else (two school-age kids and a pre-schooler). Our house is also home to a school of catfish in their 7000-litre tank, and its upkeep also takes up a good chunk of my time. We recently bought an old small timber house for my husband’s work, and our next big project is to build a passive solar greenhouse using recycled materials next to it. And if I’ve got any time left after all this, I love to have some fun with Zumba rhythms.

What drives you mad?


Three favourite online services or apps you like to use?

Spotify, Instagram, eBay.

Best about Raasepori?

A wonderful place for a family with kids! I love being near the sea as I grew up on an island in our beautiful archipelago.

Which software are you running on your computer right now?

Photoshop, Illustrator, Skype, Slack, Cyberduck, Chrome, Mail, a code editor, CodeKit, Spotify, and Snagit. A good thing I have a powerful computer!


Image: Sami Jämsén

Next week we’ll present you our coding wizard Niklas!


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