We’d like to introduce you to Simon!

Simon is our talented graphic designer, a fantastic, hardworking and positive team member. He’s been in our team for over a year now and we are very very happy to have him.

Let’s make an interview…


What do you do at JCO?

I do graphic design, which means that i design websites, wireframes, print products and brand identities. I also do some animation, brand guidelines, illustrations, photo manipulation and video editing. I use Adobe CC Apps for these tasks.


What did you do before you started working at JCO?

I am studying graphic design at Metropolia in Helsinki and that’s also what I did before I started working at JCO. I contacted JCO for an internship as a graphic designer over a summer. I’m really happy and grateful for getting the internship and to have learned so much working with these awesome people.


What is the coolest project you’ve been involved in?

There have been a lot cool projects that I got to be part of, but the most outstanding project might be Hanko Data Parks. It was a project where we redesigned the look of the company’s website, flyers and business cards. Also the brand guidelines were therefore updated. I also find myself liking animation more and more, so projects involving animation are always fun for me as well.


What do you love to do on your spare time?

I’m a creative person so I spend my time doing something creative, like drawing (traditionally and digitally), game design and game art, all while listening to good music. When I’m not doing anything creative I like to hangout with friends and in the summer I spend a lot of time disc golfing.


What irritates you?

Sometimes, what should be a small simple problem of a task can become a really time consuming problem to fix, this might irritate me in the moment of solving it, but it’s rewarding when it’s solved.


Top 3 online services or apps that you use?

I would say that I use Spotify, Youtube and Instagram the most.


Best thing about Raseborg?

Raseborg feels like home and it is very beautiful in the summer. Raseborg has everything you need in my opinion. Also Raseborg is between Helsinki and Turku, which makes it easy to got to a bigger city whenever you feel like it.


Which programs do you have open right now on your computer?

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe XD. Adobe XD is pretty new for me, but I like it alot and I also use it alot, especially for designing wireframes and the layout for websites.


Picture: Daniel Kouvo

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