JCO Digital Code Cabin

How to survive the dark winter  – store up as much happy sunshine to last you until next spring! Here’s a restored moment from late summer when we packed our office for a sprint day at a cozy cabin by the sea.

The idea of the day (project Code Cabin) was to try how effective a sprint day in some other environment can be but also to get out from the building and cherish the good team spirit. We also had a mission to complete, to build a website for a client. The design and the content was already done earlier, so the day was all about coding.

Code Cabin turned out to be very productive – at the end of the day we were ready to launch the project we started with the same morning. It would have been even more fun, if our client could have joined too. Maybe next time!

Are you interested to take your project to Code Cabin? Let’s talk and make a schedule!

Video by Johan Ljungqvist, Multifoto.