Gutenberg, the new content editor of WordPress

Gutenberg thoroughly changes the way content is produced, imported and edited. For publishers, this is an important step forward.


Project Manager Emilia Etzell

Meet Emilia, our Project Manager

Emilia is one of our project managers with a mission to lead happy teams and deliver high-value projects. We asked her to tell a little about herself.

Gutenberg WordPress editor


WordPress have announced that from version 5.0 on, the default editor will be the Gutenberg block editor, with the old editor as a plugin. This has been a quite controversial decision, the development version is available as a plugin, and that plugin has a lot of 5 star and 1 star ratings. It seems to […]


We’d like to introduce you to Simon!

Simon is our talented graphic designer, a fantastic, hardworking and positive team member. He’s been in our team for over a year now and we are very very happy to have him. Let’s make an interview…


JCO Open

Our second annual golf competition will be held in Eke Golf course on Friday 20th of July 2018 at 11:00.


How to choose the right technology

When designing mobile apps it can be difficult to choose what technology to use. Will it be a progressive web app, or a native app? For which platforms, and what capabilities are needed? Native mobile apps Although web apps have become more capable lately, there are still things only native apps can do. Android / […]

Daniel Kouvo

Meet Daniel!

Have you met Daniel yet? He’s our talented developer, a great and positive team member, a friend and an awesome dude! He’s been in our team for a year now and we are very happy to have him. Let’s make an interview..


JCO Digital Summer Greetings (video)!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer!


Website launch checklist: 14 things to do

Designing and building a website is a complex process full of moving parts. Before launch, or at the latest before promoting a site, there are many things to check. Lots and lots of little things.


Facts you should know about Android

Android is at the moment the most used smartphone operating system worldwide. It’s based on the Linux kernel and running apps on a variant of Java. It is used by most smartphone manufacturers with the exception of Apple and Microsoft. Android devices outsell devices running Windows, Mac OS X and iOS combined.


JCO Digital house­warming

Our headquarters moved a few blocks closer to the sea, so of course we wanted to keep a housewarming party and dance our new office to the future! We had some awesome program that really made us shake: Kebu opened his Perplexagon Tour from our office! The dance floor was on fire!

Code Cabin JCO Digital

JCO Digital Code Cabin

How to survive the dark winter – store up as much happy sunshine to last you until next spring! Here’s a restored moment from late summer when we packed our office for a sprint day at a cozy cabin by the sea.


JCO Digitalin ja Kopiosto ry:n yhteistyönä syntyi pelillinen oppimis­ympäristö peruskouluille

Tekijänoikeusjärjestö Kopiosto ry päätti tuottaa kaikille Suomen peruskouluille tarkoitetun pelillisen opetusmateriaalin, jonka parissa tekijänoikeuksien oppiminen ja opettaminen olisi kivaa. Toteuttaminen annettiin raaseporilaisen JCO Digitalin tiimin tehtäväksi.

Daniel Kouvo

Welcome Daniel!

We are very, very pleased to announce that Daniel Kouvo has joined our team. Daniel has been a friend since we met him in November 2014. Then he was playing a DJ gig in our in-house art gallery.

WordPress WordCamp

WordCamp brings together WordPress enthusiasts

If you are a WordPress developer, this is definitely something you should attend, but I would really recommend it to anyone working with WordPress, or even websites in general.

augumented reality

Making (actual use) of augmented reality

This is the background story of the Elokuutio application project made for the metal group Stam1na. The application uses AR to enable fans to unlock and view bonus material through interaction with the album cover art.


Tällaiset ovat nettisivut vuonna 2016

Ovatko nettisivut koskaan valmiit? Ei. Sitä mukaan kuin tekniikka ja laitteet kehittyvät, myös käyttöliittymäsuunnittelu ja ulkoasutrendit kehittyvät ja muuttuvat.



Sanotaan, että kuva kertoo enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa. Tämä on yksi syy miksi infografiikkaa käytetään tiedon välittämiseen. Infograafiikka on siis tiedon visualisoimista ja parhaillaan sen avulla käännetään tylsäkin aihe kiehtovaksi kokonaisuudeksi.

Björn Zweigberg

Esittelyssä: Björn

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Tiimimme on saanut vahvistusta ja iloksemme saammekin esitellä teille Björnin.

Jekyll platform

Do you know Dr. Jekyll?

Nowadays it feels like everyone is using WordPress to host blogs and websites. There is nothing wrong with that of course, WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform, and even a quite good and easy to use CMS.

Image fortmats

Image Formats

There is a lot of talk about different image formats on the web, and which one is the best. I’m going to go through the basics of the “standard” formats, and how they work.

Hilkka Kandelin

Esittelyssä: Hilkka

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Saammeko esitellä projektikoordinaattorimme Hilkka.

Junnu Vuorela

Esittelyssä: Junnu

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Saammeko esitellä suunnittelijamme Junnu.


Get out of the building!

Disc golf is a worthy way to get motivated, get outdoors, get some exercise and have some fun. After a couple of hours in the nature, brainstorming with your team is much more fun as well!

Juha Javanainen

Esittelyssä: Juha

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Lukaisepa Juhan tarina!

Monica Javanainen

Esittelyssä: Monica

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Tässä pähkinänkuoressa Monica!

Niklas Schönberg

Esittelyssä: Niklas

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Saammeko esitellä koodivelhomme Niklas.

Lotta Hardman

Esittelyssä: Lotta

Tässä blogisarjassa esittelemme teille kaikki JCO:n huipputyypit. Saammeko esitellä mimmikoodarimme Lotta.


An Introduction to git

I’m going to write an introduction to one of my favourite tools, git. This will not be a how-to, cheat-sheet, or any kind of manual of how to use git, there are plenty of those around. I will not even list a single git command. Instead I will explain a bit what git is, and […]


Adobe MAX: Creatives’ Candyland

Adobe MAX is a creativity conference held in Los Angeles in the beginning of this upcoming October. The event connects over 5,000 creative minds from all over the world.


Yrittämisen palo

Ensimmäisen tuntuman bisnesmaailmaan sain kymmenvuotiaana julkaisualalla. Isälläni oli kopiokone autotallissa ja otin tilaisuudesta vaarin

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