Adobe MAX: Creatives’ Candyland

Adobe MAX is a creativity conference held in Los Angeles in the beginning of this upcoming October. The event connects over 5,000 creative minds from all over the world and it’s the conference where you can learn about industry trends, new products, technology and how creativity is changing the world. The event runs for three full days, jampacked with inspirational and iconic speakers (such as Maira Kalman, Baz Luhrmann, Elle Luna, Brandon Stanton), sessions, labs and creativity workshops and of course the awesome MAX keynotes (not to be missed!). And oh, the evening events!

Last time I attended, was in 2013 and I must admit I came back with a totally new way of creative thinking. Ever since, I have wanted to return but I simply couldn’t fit the dates in my schedule. However, this year I did! I got invited there by Adobe as one of their influencers! YAY! Which means Adobe will cater for my flights, accommodation and of course, the entrance pass to the conference itself. I’m thrilled!

What to expect? I’m personally looking forward to get inspired, to learn from the pros, to exchange ideas with the other attendees and just enjoy the thrilling creative atmosphere. During my trip I will also get a chance to meet some Nordic creatives, living and working in L.A. within design, music and film. So yes, you guessed it; my trip will include a visit to Hollywood as well.

Last weekend I planned my MAX agenda and I truly felt like being a kid in a candy store. So many goodies to choose from.

Sessions run for 75 minutes, and are generally presentations followed by Q&A. Labs run 90 minutes, and you will be given a dedicated PC or Mac to work on. Creativity workshops run for 90 minutes to give you plenty of time to play and explore.

My interests are in graphic design and illustration, so I mixed a track based on Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Typekit and Adobe mobile apps (Brush, Shape, Color, Comp and more).

Here’s a few of the sessions I booked:

Photoshop Shortcuts for Graphic Designers

Attend this energetic, fun and fast-paced session to learn about all the great new Photoshop features for designers. You’ll leave smacking your forehead and saying, “I wish I’d known that years ago!” Get as many tips and techniques to boost your design productivity as can be packed into one session.

Michael Ninness, senior director, Product Management, Graphic and Web Design, at Adobe, will cover:

  • Photoshop features and power shortcuts every designer must know
  • How to create a library of reusable assets and share them with others
  • How Smart Objects provide more flexibility
  • How to work faster with type and fonts
  • How to automate certain tasks, without recording actions

Dismantling Your Responsive Web Design Workflow and Living to Tell the Story

Join Dan Rose, web designer and author of Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop, as he discusses a more effective alternative to the traditional web comp workflow. He’ll show how the new features in Photoshop support the need to make changes in your design process. You’ll see how you can save time, and avoid heartburn, by following Dan’s strategies.

Specifically, Dan will cover:

  • Strategies for convincing your team to adopt a new responsive web design workflow
  • Step-by-step examples of various workflows, highlighting where they succeed and fail
  • Where in each process Photoshop can play a role, and the relationship between Photoshop and the browser
  • The concept that many workflows are greater than one

Igniting the Creative Spark

Creativity doesn’t just happen. It’s a process — a journey of experiences. As Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

With the complex demands of jobs, family and life today, the creative spark can easily get snuffed out. Learn how to get unstuck and how to craft a life that lets you tap into your inner creative genius.

Join photographers and instructors Julieanne Kost, Chris Orwig and Joe Glyda for an inspiring conversation about how to ignite and sustain the creative spark. They’ll discuss:

  • Making creativity a habit
  • The role of personal photography projects
  • Finding creativity through a creative partner or muse
  • Looking at your world with fresh eyes
  • Capturing inspiration in the moment by using mobile apps

Painting with Photoshop

Photoshop is packed with a myriad of tools to empower you to be as creative as you wish. To renowned artist Bert Monroy, Photoshop is the best set of brushes, paints and everything else needed to create whatever the imagination can conjure. In this session, Bert will teach the techniques he uses to create his photo-realist paintings. Beyond painting, the techniques you’ll learn can be applied to photographic enhancement, architectural rendering and much more.

You’ll get an in-depth look to help you understand many of the features in Photoshop as they relate to painting, which include:

  • General tips and tricks for painting
  • Layers and their many functions like masking, layer styles and blending modes
  • Channels and the operations they perform
  • The incredible power of Brushes
  • Filters and their many uses

Just to name but a few… I just can’t wait to get there. It will be super! Come and say hello if you are at MAX too! The best way to catch me is on Twitter @MJavanainen

If you are not able to join MAX live in Los Angeles, you can still watch the keynotes online. All you need to do is sign up.

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Monica Javanainen