A carefully formed identity makes an impact and endures time

Good graphic design always makes an impact, whether it is for a website or an illustration, advertising layout or visual identity. At the same time, it communicates values and attitude: fun and approachable, dignified and trust-inspiring, or maybe modern and unexpected.

At JCO, graphic design goes hand in hand with usability and always has a purpose. To create unforgettable designs, we marry classical design principles with creativity and playfulness and add current trends in the mix. Any art form can be of inspiration.

The visual world has always been an essential source of strength and joy for us. We create elegant visual identities, stunning illustrations, and impactful presentations for our clients – and do it passionately and well. We know that a brand must evoke emotions to stand out. That is how we make heroes of our clients.

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Visual identity guides in the right direction

Even the strongest brand needs to be renewed at times. The logo may have lost its luster or is not digitally compatible, and fonts or colors have become dated.

When we update a visual identity or create a new one, we define fonts, colors, icons, and image styles. We also specify how they can be applied in different situations, such as in visit cards, websites, advertising, or social media channels. Every design supports company goals and communicational pillars in the best possible way.

Illustrations and infographics help to understand

Our skillful illustrators make even the dullest topic interesting. Because we humans understand things through both words and images, neither should be forgotten.

Whether you need a book or website illustration, a cartoon, game graphics, maps, or infographics, we promise to surprise you positively.

Marketing materials for all channels

Contact us when you need an ad, attachment, store material, rollup, poster, flyer, banner, PowerPoint template, Word form, or anything else illustrative. On top of fantastic graphic design we also craft texts that make an impact.

Characters create associations

The history of advertising and communications brings to mind several characters who have helped customers fall in love with the brand. When a company’s visual identity is enriched with a mascot or character, the message can be conveyed in a whole new, surprising way. The character can also be animated for different purposes: websites, videos, television, or augmented reality.

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