Juha Javanainen

How is virtual reality doing?

Virtual Reality became a hot topic roughly three years ago when the first new-generation consumer products hit the market. I bought my first own visor, the Oculus Rift CV1, at around the same time. When I put it on and watched a T-Rex approach me in a museum, I – and everyone else that tried it on – instantly understood that everything was going to change. 

Three years on, no real breakthrough has taken place. I do not spend much of my free time in virtual reality nor do my children, who otherwise use a lot of their time gaming. What happened?

Even if there has not been an explosion in the number of VR users progress has not ceased. Technology makes advances at full speed and devices become more easily approachable. A good example is Oculus Quest, launched in 2019, which operates without external cables or routers.

When will VR break through?

As the consumer market is not yet ripe, many of the manufacturers have thus far focused solely on business clients. The situation is much like in the 1990s when pcs were gaining ground. Few people bought home pcs, partly for the same reasons. In the beginning, new technology is expensive yet still relatively unsophisticated.

While VR technology and software produce all the more real sensory experiences, most of us do not even know how big a deal they are. John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus has stated: “It’s easy to forget that most of the world has still not even seen VR.”

When will the breakthrough take place, then? Even experts are reluctant to make guesses on when the time is ripe. However, Apple has been rumored to enter the VR market in 2022, and it has been known to time its technological entrances well in the past.

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Juha Javanainen