Daniel Kouvo


Meet Daniel!

Have you met Daniel yet? He’s our talented developer, a great and positive team member, a friend and an awesome dude! He’s been in our team for a year now and we are very happy to have him.

Let’s make an interview..

Introduce yourself – what do you do at JCO?

Besides drinking a lot of coffee and playing a lot of music, I mostly work with development of advanced websites. I love to troubleshoot. I’m also the office paparazzi, snapping pictures with my dslr of our everyday moments. I also enjoy telling stories and publishing moments about JCO on our social media channels. On rare occasions I also might produce some music or DJ at the office. A music track I produced for JCO is featured in our latest video.

What did you do before you started working at JCO?

I was teaching programming and Web development (and some other skills) for 10 years at a vocational institution. Also before working at JCO, I was sometimes working as a DJ at JCO events, which is how I originally got to meet the team at JCO.

Before that I worked as a Team Leader for a Hewlett Packard technical support team in Sweden. My work history also includes a lot of experience in the IT and web design field and I also have some history in video/TV production. When I was younger I used to DJ at nightclubs two to three days per week.

What is the coolest project you’ve been involved in?

All of our projects so far have been some of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on but one that really stands out is Kopiraittila.fi, a project that took us all the way to the Grand One finals.

What do you love to do on your spare time?

• Spend time with my family (wife and 3-year old daughter).

• Working out in various forms. I especially love to take long bicycle rides.

• Produce music, play instruments (keyboards/synths/piano/guitar) and DJ.

• Photography.

• Being outdoors and spend time in nature.

• Learn new skills.

• Being out boating.

• Doing all kinds of tech-/IT- and programming related stuff.

• …and a lot of more things.

What irritates you?

That there’s not enough time in one day for everything I’d like to do.

Top 3 online services or apps that you use?

Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

Best thing about Raseborg?

The fact that you’re surrounded by beautiful nature that can be right at your doorstep.

Which programs do you have open right now on your computer?

Slack, Chrome, PhpStorm, Photoshop, Lightroom, WinSCP, Skype, Snipping Tool, Command Prompt and Sublime Text. 


Picture: Hilkka Kandelin

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Hilkka Kandelin