Case LU Rakennus

Where we started

LU Rakennus is a Hanko-based construction company that has operated since 1986. At LU Rakennus, all operations are guided by a strong belief in high quality, trust, innovation and courage to take up new challenges. The company is an established and highly valued operator in its area and its business consists of serving both big developers as well as private customers.

Our story with LU Rakennus and its CEO John Lindqvist started when the company realized it was time to refresh its website to meet the needs of the present. Contrary to many other companies in the industry, LU Rakennus believed in the importance of an up-to-date web presence and wanted to get real professionals to do the job.


What we were tasked to do

Valuing trust and quality in his own business, John Lindqvist soon knew that the best policy in the mission of renewing the company website was to depend on the long experience and vision of renowned professionals in the field. Thus, we soon reached an understanding about building a totally new site from scratch and also producing all the material – copy, interviews, photos and videos – with the help of our extensive network of trusted partners. This turned out to be an excellent decision, particularly since LU Rakennus realized they needed a printed brochure as well, for which the same content could be modified.


What we did

As always, our workflow started with gathering all relevant information about the client and their needs. In order to make sure everyone involved in the project knew what we were doing and who we were addressing, we created customer personas for the most typical types of clients of LU Rakennus in collaboration with our companion, the communications agency Joy & Order.

Next, we created an interactive wireflow (using Adobe Experience Design) for the site. After an approval from the client, we started the graphic design for the site as well as content development. All the elements were created from scratch exclusively for the client starting from icons. Only the company logo and some of the colours remained the same for easier identification. All photos of the staff and references where taken by Fotofabriken. We also wanted videos, both from the air and from ground and here we also collaborated with the local video production company

After technical development and testing we were ready to launch the site. An important part of the task was to incorporate social media presence and search engine optimisation into the process.

After the launch, we always make sure that we know how we have succeeded through our process of monitoring. Additionally, any further needs of support the customer might have will be taken care of.

The core point of our approach is that we take responsibility for our client’s goals and want to commit ourselves to their task. We also believe that this is exactly the reason for our high customer satisfaction and long customer relationships.



What we created

The new LU Rakennus website has been well received. With its modern appearance and top-quality content, the new website has made both the customer and us creators happy.


“We got everything we asked for and even more. Because our talent lies in construction and not in communications, we wanted to rely on the views of those who were professionals in that field. I wanted JCO Digital to tell us what we needed and they did exactly that. To sum up, we have been very satisfied with our cooperation with them,” says John Lindqvist.


The team

JCO Digital – UI/UX, graphic design, animations, code, project management – video production, drones

Fotofabriken – Photos

Joy&Order – copy

ArtFlow – 3D & animation for video


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