Björn Zweigberg


Presenting: Björn


This series of blogs presents you the members of JCO’s cool team. We recently got a new addition to our team and would like to tell you more about Björn

Tell us about yourself – what do you do at JCO?

I work as a programmer and live in Loviisa with my girlfriend and two cats. 

What did you do before JCO?

Before joining JCO, I did freelance work for online and graphical art projects for a couple of years. I have nearly finished my Bachelor of Media and Arts degree at Arcada in Helsinki and just need to submit my thesis.

What has been your coolest project at JCO?

Difficult to pinpoint one project…I’m working on something very juicy at the moment, and also doing a very interesting game project in my free time.

What do you do when not working?

I have a range of hobbies; such as weight-lifting, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and frisbee golf.

What drives you mad?


Three favourite online services or apps you like to use?

Twitch, Steam, WhatsApp.

Best about Raasepori?

The sea and islands.

Which software are you running on your computer right now?

Slack, Chrome, Firefox, Notepad++, PhpStorm, and Photoshop. 

Welcome to our gang, Björn!

Image: Monica Javanainen

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