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The JCO Story

JCO Lifestyle

The big city had made Mr and Mrs Java a bit numb. It was a shining case of ’all work no play’. So the Java couple decided to pack their suitcases and golf bags and leave the city in search of creativity. Throughout history people have chosen to go west. These guys were no different. But they could feel that this was no ordinary road trip. It was as if there was something pulling them way out west.

This strange attraction drew them to the mysterious medieval ruins of Raseborg and further to the colorful, picturesque town of Tammisaari. Here by the sea, rare and hardly understandable languages were spoken. Still, the Javas were welcomed by the villagers who pointed them in the direction across the bay.

There, by a beautiful beach, hidden among the trees they found the source of the attraction. They found Queen Dagmar’s spring. It had water so fresh and clean they felt purified and reborn just by drinking it. The sparkling water made Mr and Mrs Java feel so energetic and creative they had to
visit the spring everyday from that moment on, just like Queen Dagmar wanted to. She had been a ’searcher’ just like them!

As the days went by, they were baffled by the way the enchanted environment influenced their work. Websites, apps and colorful designs started to emerge and code, code and more code… So Mr and Mrs Java decided to stay. In order to celebrate their new beginnings they painted a big ’J’ on their office wall as a symbol of their name, journey and the recently discovered joy.

One of those fresh ’Tammi-summery’ mornings when the Javas went to get their daily dose of Dagmar’s magical water, they saw other people filling up their bottles. The Javas had adopted the small town ways and started chatting with the bottle fillers. It was obvious that these guys were on the same mission – they were looking for creativity and like-minded people.

This is how the Sugar Skull connection, a tribe if you will, was born. As a symbol of the joint journey, the Javas and the rest of the Sugar Skulls went back to the office and painted ’+CO’ by the ’J’ on the wall.

At this point they had no idea what the future would bring. But crazy amounts of magic happened and as the years went by, beautiful things were created. As long as the magical water has been flowing, so has the
creativity at JCO. But this gift should not be taken for granted. It has to be cherished and nourished every day. You have to use it or you’ll lose it. Luckily, this is a well known fact among the wicked crew at JCO. They’ve been celebrating the small achievements as well as the big ones. They’ve been having a blast working hard or hardly working. And that, dear friends, is the key to ten years of creativity (and some success)!

Plus the magical water, of course.

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